Surajkund 29th International Crafts Mela

So my colleagues and I,with the ladies, finally got to go to Surajkund mela earlier this february. It was a fun experience,thanks to the pleasant weather…otherwise we would be bathing in our sweat. Eewww. And also thanks to Shaun for being so nice to join us and click some beautiful pictures for me so that i can share them on my blog here 🙂SSA_0597SSA_0644SSA_0646SSA_0614the mirror is awesome in itself 🙂 SSA_0648SSA_0652SSA_0656SSA_0600SSA_0605SSA_0610SSA_0622SSA_0623SSA_0625SSA_0628SSA_0631SSA_0633SSA_0636SSA_0640SSA_0665SSA_0667SSA_0672SSA_0679SSA_0681SSA_0684and last but not the least,here’s us sans the camera guy!SSA_0634


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