Crochet handmade top

Hmmmmmm……..I haven’t posted in a loooooooooong time. Been busy with work and being lazy 🙂 But i finally have something i made.

I have been trying to make a crochet bralette for myself,well not exactly a bra but more like a top, and the first one didn’t turn out as good as i wanted it to. But the second one turned out really well and CUTE.

As i was making it i was coming up with the design,I wanted something decent,something i could wear in public without people staring at me like i am an Alien or something….so it took me several days and nights to finish it (Btw,i worked on it after i get home from work in the evening). And the biggest challenge (for me,because just because i can’t think properly when i’m stressed and thinking of the back design was stressing me out) was the back,I did not want a bikini type back or a halter top type. But thank God I had the mind to decide to add buttons to it 🙂 And with that the lovely top design was completed. Phewww!

I am really proud of myself.! Hoping to make more crochet clothings.

Elle’s crochet bralette/top
Cochet Bralette/Top
Elle’s  Cochet Bralette/Top

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